85 years of exceptional service

A central building block of VDT is its exceptional service, which has been refined over the past eight decades. The firm has consistently offered tailor-made, effective solutions and has developed the ability to solve any legal problem in a cost-effective manner.

An important part of our values has been to prioritise the ‘client’ within the firm through a management focus on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we provide specialised legal services in a way that is expertly managed by professionals that are highly regarded in their areas of expertise. The firm has strived to render a professional service at all times, as well as specialising in diversification to suit every legal need. Over the past 85 years, VDT has acted as a team of experts in partnership with clients, focusing on their unique needs to implement innovative solutions within the framework of their financial planning, exclusively for the promotion of their interests.

Once VDT became a part of the Phatshoane Henney Group of Associated Law Firms, we have adopted a shared philosophy. This philosophy forms the foundation of what VDT strives for, and drives many of our initiatives aimed at differentiating the firm from other law firms. 

With more than 500 professionals in the group, the directory of legal services available to us enables VDT as a firm to draw on a broad range of legal skills and experience, and support our clients through this shared expertise. 

VDT also implements best practices that focus positively on client service, quality control, and work efficiency. The strength, size and geographical location of other PH group firms also helps unlock this value for clients and ensures that we use the inherent economies of scale present in this association to continually set new standards for the legal profession. 

April 18, 2017

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