85 Years of Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution has become an important alternative mechanism to litigation for resolving disputes. When it comes to mediation, it is about assisting parties in resolving their dispute in a speedy and cost-effective manner, meaning that a matter could potentially be resolved in as little as one day.

Our professionals have been working closely with clients over the years to identify and execute the best means of dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration or litigation proceedings. Our dispute resolution support has grown tremendously and spans many sectors, including:

Negotiations and other informal conciliation, mediation and arbitration processes
Effective litigation in any South African court or forum
Labour dispute resolution

For the past 85 years, VDT Attorneys Inc. has offered tailor-made and effective solutions and is able to solve any legal problem, while also being cost-effective. Acting in a professional manner, our firm strives to render a professional service at all times and we specialise in diversification to suit every legal need. The firm acts as a team of experts in partnership with our clients, focusing on their unique needs to implement innovative solutions within the framework of their needs, exclusively for the promotion of their interests.

November 30, 2017

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