85 Years of growth

Since its establishment, VDT has grown to deliver exceptional service in specialised fields of the law while building a reputation as a people-centric firm.

Through the everchanging nature of the professional environment, VDT has managed to keep their feet firm on the ground to withstand this sometimes-unforeseen change.

VDT was and still is founded on several guiding principles that have provided the pillars of their culture. These principles revolve around trust, integrity, a strong work ethic and client service orientation, resulting in a culture that creates custom-made and effective solutions. Additionally, VDT’s values enable them to extend themselves far beyond just being a law firm.

Through identifying keen-minded and technically proficient people from previously disadvantaged communities, VDT has encouraged them to gain relevant work experience and academic education through career planning, appropriate training courses and education bursary schemes.

As a focus within the firm and for the personal growth of the VDT staff, the firm fosters a cooperative environment with departments and individuals who support each other to provide solutions that are exceptional for their clients. When ready, VDT incorporated their focus on Black Economic Empowerment transformation. Because this is a long-term commitment for the firm, they are constantly working towards increasing diversity in the workplace. This commitment is reflected by their BEE Verification Certificate which establishes them as a level 4 contributor and value adding supplier.

February 28, 2018

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