85 years of real estate

Real estate and the ability to own and transfer property remains a cornerstone of our economic system and an integral part of personal and financial planning. For 85 years, we have been providing specialist support regarding commercial property services and conveyancing transactions.

Since the start, we have avoided the trap of trying to be and do everything. Instead, we have set our vision on becoming the best in our specialities, which means we are focused on providing the best property related services to meet our clients’ needs. We are also continually working to provide our attorneys with the support and tools they need to deliver an exceptional service to our clients.  As such, we are committed to pursuing and adopting new technologies for the firm to grow and practise effectively in the property sector.  

Our professionals are also placed on the panels of most major banks and provide a variety of property services, which include:

Deeds of sale (residential and commercial)
Property transfers and registrations
Property valuations
Property finance, registration of mortgage bonds and other securities
Property development structures
Mineral rights
Property due diligences
Drafting and registration of servitudes, certificates of registered title, certificates of consolidated titles, general plans etc.
Registration of townships and sectional title schemes
Deeds office searches
Sectional title and share block schemes
Property subdivisions and consolidations
Property syndications
Commercial, retail and cluster development schemes
Legislative and regulatory advice
Property joint ventures
Construction agreements
Land rights
Lease agreements

At VDT, we offer tailor-made and effective solutions and we are able to solve any property related problem in a cost-effective method. Acting in a professional manner, the firm strives to render a professional service at all times and specialises in bringing the most appropriate solutions to clients. The firm acts as a team of experts in partnership with our clients, focusing on their unique property needs to implement innovative solutions within the framework of their financial planning, exclusively for the promotion of their interests.

October 26, 2017
Human Rights: Upholding the right to education

Human Rights: Upholding the right to education

The right to education is outlined in section 29 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (hereinafter “the Constitution”). This section guarantees that everyone has the right to basic education and the right to further education, which the state, through reasonable measures, must make progressively available and accessible. In South Africa the right to basic education can be described as a fundamental socio-economic right, that is, an entitlement to conditions and resources necessary for the material well-being of people.

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