Group Platinum Achiever 2019

The Phatshoane Henney Group, founded in 2006, is South Africa’s Largest Association of Independent Law Firms. The Group has over the last number of years implemented Group Standards to which all member firms must aspire, and which underpin the key Group Values member firms must adopt to become a New Breed of Law Firm™.

To determine compliance, the Phatshoane Henney Group annually conducts a comprehensive survey of each of its member firms, measuring over 60 best practices that the firm is required to comply with relating to client service, staff satisfaction, firm practices, regulatory compliance, risk management, transformation and Group engagement.

These best practices have been meticulously designed to provide a robust foundation for the practices needed by a leading law firm, and is measured using an evidence-based audit conducted by the Group in respect of each firm to determine its overall Group scorecard achievement.

Only firms that obtain above 90% compliance with the Group Standards following such an audit receive recognition as a Phatshoane Henney Group Standards Platinum Achiever – the highest award any member firm can achieve. This award is valid for a year and must be annually reconfirmed by the firm in the following year.

We are proud to state that our firm has in 2019 been awarded Platinum Achiever status by the Phatshoane Henney Group for achieving more than 90% compliance with the Group Standards. This achievement confirms that we are truly a New Breed of Law Firm™ and should provide the necessary comfort to you, our client, that when you work with us, you are working with a leading, well-managed and compliant law firm that cares about you and your business. We have gone to great lengths to do so, and believe this Group award confirms our commitment to you.

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