85 years of giving back

Over the years, VDT has shown its character by working to empower the lives of those less fortunate by getting involved in community events and putting our skills to use in more ways than just helping clients.

VDT annually facilitates the VDT/Beeld Children’s Fund Golf day to raise funds for the Beeld Children’s Fund. In 2016 alone, a net amount of R 208 770 was donated to the Beeld Children’s Fund.  By working hard and staying committed to giving back, an amount totalling R1 768 770-00 has been donated to the Beeld Children’s Fund over the past 12 years. These funds are utilised for the basic and therapeutic needs of many homeless, orphaned and disabled children.

Besides contributing to the community as a team, VDT also has a strongly entrenched history of consistently encouraging its staff to be involved in outreach and community organisations. This is evident in the role many of the firm’s directors play in community projects and boards. Since we are more than just a law firm, VDT will continue to do its best to empower and encourage those in need.

The firm has not only made a positive impact outside its doors, but also within. VDT has always employed people on the basis of ability, loyalty and subscription to company policies, regardless of sex, culture or race. Over the years, the firm has identified keen-minded and technically proficient people from previously disadvantaged communities and encouraged them to gain relevant work experience and academic education through career planning, appropriate training courses and education bursary schemes. The firm also strongly supports Black Economic Empowerment and transformation by continuously moving in the direction of a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

March 27, 2017

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