85 years of professionalism

As a new breed law firm that strives to exceed client expectations, VDT acts on a cutting-edge level of professionalism.

The firm offers an array of legal expertise including litigation, corporate and commercial contracting, conveyancing, estate planning, and B-BBEE advisory, and these services are rendered by professionals who have many years of practical and theoretical experience, and are registered as attorneys, notaries and conveyancers.

The firm acts as a team of experts in partnership with its clients, focusing on their unique needs to implement innovative solutions within the framework of their financial planning, exclusively for the promotion of their interests.

Diversification is applied to further enhance the levels of professionalism, because VDT understands that clients hail from backgrounds that too are of a diverse nature. The firm’s directors extend their professional expertise beyond the realm of VDT. One of the firm’s directors sits on the disciplinary committee of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces. This gives him the additional professional insight when dealing with matters that are brought to VDT.

Having survived, changed, grown and prospered over several decades, VDT has become a prominent law firm with a successful track record in delivering the best results.

March 28, 2018
Shining success in pivotal IT sector merger

Shining success in pivotal IT sector merger

In a landmark transaction that promises to redefine the landscape of South Africa’s information technology and telecommunications sector, the M&A Team of PH Attorneys played a crucial role in facilitating the acquisition of a leading cyber security software firm by a multinational enterprise software procurement company. This deal not only marks a significant milestone for both firms involved but also holds implications for the broader African market.

Leave to Appeal vs Special Leave to Appeal

Leave to Appeal vs Special Leave to Appeal

On 4 April 2024 in the matter of Savannah Country Estate Homeowners Association v Zero Plus Trading 194 (Pty) Ltd and Others (773/2022) [2024] ZASCA 40, our Supreme Court of Appeal (“SCA”) had to address the important difference between an application for leave to appeal and an application for special leave to appeal. In this article, we analyse the SCA’s views in this regard.

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