Our strength in numbers is to your advantage

The Phatshoane Henney Group of Associated Law Firms is the largest association of law firms in South Africa. With 41 law firms and 55 offices spread across all nine provinces, the Group has a national footprint unmatched by any legal organisation in South Africa. And it is this size and scale that holds the key to greater value for clients.

In what way you might ask? With more than 500 professionals in the group, the directory of legal services available in the Group enables member firms to draw on a broad range of legal skills and experience and support their clients through this shared expertise, expanding the capability of each Group firm to meet the legal needs of their clients. 

In addition, by sharing support services such as legal updates, knowledge centres, newsletters and research support, the Group enables member firms to stay up to date with new legal developments and ensure that clients receive up to date legal advice from Group attorneys. 

National recruitment campaigns and bursary programmes for Group candidate attorneys further help safeguard the future of member firms through the recruitment of top young professionals from across South Africa, ensuring a high calibre professional service and peace of mind to any client entrusting a member firm with its legal affairs.

Finally, Group standards implemented across all member firms draw on the strengths and expertise of all member firms to help implement best practices at firms that focus positively on client service, quality control, and work efficiency – directly impacting on the service experience and the readiness of member firms to serve their clients with aplomb. The strength, size and geographical location of member firms helps unlock this vital value for clients and ensures that member firms use the inherent economies of scale present in the association to set new standards for the legal profession. 

August 13, 2015

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