Property & Conveyancing

Real estate and the ability to own and transfer property remains a cornerstone of our economic system and an integral part of personal and financial planning for the creation of wealth not only for our families, but also for the improvement of our communities.

Continuing legislative changes, new developments in land uses, taxation in the property sector requires specialist support and our team of Conveyancers are equipped to assist with any property related matter.


Professional, diverse, specialised, personal and committed are just a few of our dedicated team of Conveyancers’ attributes who assist our clients with services tailored to their needs.

Our field of expertise include extensive experience in the following field of property law:


  • Corporate Investment Banking Transactions
  • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Property Finance Solutions
  • Mortgage & Notarial Bond Registrations
  • Mortgage & Notarial Bond Cancellations
  • Notarial & Alternative Financing Solutions
  • Property development financial structures


  • Drafting of Sale Agreement (including Commercial, industrial and residential)
  • All types of Property transfers (including estate transfers, distressed sales, divorce transfers)
  • Residential and commercial developments
  • Registration of mega sectional title schemes
  • Instalment Sale Agreements


  • Township establishments
  • MPT’s
  • Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions
  • Drafting of Conveyancing Certificates
  • Property due diligence investigations & Environmental Law
  • Registration of sub-divisions and consolidations
  • Water Rights
  • Notarial Services
  • Correspondence services

We have acted for various clients, including banks, developers, city councils and estate agents and play a key role in the establishment of townships and registration of mega sectional title developments.

Purchasing a property remains one of the biggest financial and life commitments a person will make. 

To assist you with this decision, you need the guidance and expertise of a focussed and dedicated property team to assist you throughout the process.

By entrusting the property team at VDT Attorneys, you ensure a seamless process by experts who will oversee your transfer. 

Backed by a technology driven system, VDT ensures service delivery no matter what the circumstances. 

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