IT3(b) certificates 2018/19

Dear Valued Client

VDT Attorneys: investments

Kindly note that all interest earned on an investment made by VDT Attorneys, on your behalf, for the 2018/ 19 tax year, must be declared to SARS.

We are pleased to advise that IT3(b) certificates are now available.  Please send an e-mail to, with a MAT number and your identity number, should you need your certificate.

Thank you for your support.

June 14, 2019
Shining success in pivotal IT sector merger

Shining success in pivotal IT sector merger

In a landmark transaction that promises to redefine the landscape of South Africa’s information technology and telecommunications sector, the M&A Team of PH Attorneys played a crucial role in facilitating the acquisition of a leading cyber security software firm by a multinational enterprise software procurement company. This deal not only marks a significant milestone for both firms involved but also holds implications for the broader African market.

Leave to Appeal vs Special Leave to Appeal

Leave to Appeal vs Special Leave to Appeal

On 4 April 2024 in the matter of Savannah Country Estate Homeowners Association v Zero Plus Trading 194 (Pty) Ltd and Others (773/2022) [2024] ZASCA 40, our Supreme Court of Appeal (“SCA”) had to address the important difference between an application for leave to appeal and an application for special leave to appeal. In this article, we analyse the SCA’s views in this regard.

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