85 years of expertise

Established in 1932 and having survived, changed, grown and prospered over several decades, we have become a prominent Gauteng firm with a successful track record that knows how to deliver the best results. We have avoided the trap of trying to be and do everything. Instead, we have directed our expertise on becoming the best in our specialities and working with only the top clients all over South Africa.

Our longstanding history speaks for itself regarding the expertise we have amassed and the results we have produced, making us a tried and tested firm that can get the job done, and exceed expectations. 

– We adapt to the needs of clients

We begin by listening to a client before working on delivering a customised solution. By acting on a cutting-edge level of professionalism and with decades of amassed expertise, the firm strives to consistently deliver exceptional service according to the needs of each client. 

With over 80 years of experience, we have grown into a firm with a high level of expertise and an advanced work ethic. Since being established, we have also developed strong professional relationships with significant clients, but have kept our drive for honesty and excellence. Our client relationships are founded on integrity, trust and independence, with a focus on sound financial and ethical policies.  

To uphold our high level of expertise within our firm, we continually develop the skills of our professionals and administrative staff, which is core to allowing the firm to meet the service expectations of clients. The firm also actively explores training initiatives over and above those already in place, to enhance the technical and soft skill levels and experience of our staff.

August 18, 2017
Human Rights: Upholding the right to education

Human Rights: Upholding the right to education

The right to education is outlined in section 29 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (hereinafter “the Constitution”). This section guarantees that everyone has the right to basic education and the right to further education, which the state, through reasonable measures, must make progressively available and accessible. In South Africa the right to basic education can be described as a fundamental socio-economic right, that is, an entitlement to conditions and resources necessary for the material well-being of people.

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