A shared philosophy that sets us apart

The Phatshoane Henney Group of Associated Law Firms have adopted a shared philosophy. This philosophy forms the foundation for what member firms strive for, and drives many of the group initiatives aimed at differentiating group firms from other law firms in their regions.

The group philosophy addresses the following principles:

Being client or customer orientated by prioritizing the ‘client’ within the firm through a management focus on customer satisfaction. This necessitates structures, service levels and training aimed at achieving high staff satisfaction rates and ensuring clients receive value from the legal services provided.

Providing specialised legal services through the offering of legal services, even generic legal services, in a way that is specialised and expertly managed by professionals that are knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.

Empowering staff to develop, be recognised and invested in by a firm that understands the inter-relationship between staff satisfaction rates and high client service levels.

Championing transformation through the progressive support of transformation and development within the firm, including compliance with employment equity, skills development and BEE legislation. Group firms strive to be recognised as setting the standard in the legal profession for their progressive support of transformation initiatives.

Practicing law in an ethical manner which ensures not only that the firm and its professionals conduct themselves honestly and with integrity, but also that the firm is a good South African ‘citizen’ by being compliant and supportive of the regulatory requirements of practising law in South Africa.

Being innovative in how the firm does business. This requires technological efficiency, effective management and a firm that is responsive to the needs of its clients and changes in the legal environment. By modernizing the practice of law, member firms also ensure that they remain relevant and are able to serve their clients in the long-term.

By subscribing to these key principles member firms recognise the importance of a central group philosophy as a uniting factor which underpins the strategic direction and planning of firms. By focusing on these key principles, firms will ultimately be able to differentiate themselves and justify why what they believe in sets them apart as a new breed of law firm.

July 22, 2015

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